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The Pros and Cons of Deep sea Mining

This website is one dedicated to asking the questions the media seem negligent in asking. And so it was pleasantly surprising to stumble across another website where someone is trying to give a balanced point of view – should we be mining the riches of the oceans? Yes, you read that right – mining the riches of the oceans! 911metallurgist presents a graphic which points out the pros and cons of deep sea mining. They echo my sentiments on the subject – how do you feel after reading the information on this wonderful graphic?

Ocean Floor Mining [Infographic] � By the team at 911 Metallurgist

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  1. Seabed mining is inevitable; only questions of when, who and how NOT IF. Once it becomes economically viable it will happen on an increasingly larger scale. Without characterizing in terms of ethics/morality/the inheritance of all man-kind or sanctity of life on earth….. It will happen because it is driven by money. I would far rather see some globally recognized-enforced standards and precautions than a wild-west free for all. The US is standing on the sidelines on this issue and will be left behind in this new frontier.