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Misconceptions about Natural Gas

Mysterious 'Siberian Exploding Hole' (The Siberian Times)

The media in the last year has been full of scary information about methane hydrates (super bad!) and natural gas (the savior with respect to stopping catastrophic warming of the planet). Methane hydrates Lets discuss the ‘bad’ first – methane hydrates. Methane hydrates are white, ice-like solids that consist of methane and water. Methane hydrated can form on the ocean ... Read More »

Where’s the transparency in ‘green’ taxes?

Alternate transportation

One thing that has always fascinated me about (say) the British environmentalists is that they would go storming to the government and demand taxes be placed on aeroplanes and cars because they emit carbon dioxide which is contributing to global warming. They demanded nothing in return and so the government is quite naturally, rather happy to acquiesce to taxpayers demands ... Read More »

What’s white, fluffy and wants to eat you for lunch?

Polar bear

Environmentalists won a victory this week – they jumped in their RV’s, 4WDs, SUV’s and CUV’s, stepped on planes, plugged in laptops, pressed the flesh, and they won. Yes, they waved their hands in triumph from their their CO2 emitting vehicles over the fact they got the big bad US government to recognise global warming. Ok, not officially.. indirectly. Under ... Read More »