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To the Polar Bears: Start dieing!!

Polar bear cartoon

To: Polar Bears From: NGO’s who support Global Climate Change via warming Subject: Start dieing! ——- It has come to our attention in recent months that there have been a couple of surveys which have indicated your numbers are rising. In February 2013, Government of Nunavut has declared your numbers are increasing. We managed to keep this largely out of ... Read More »

What’s white, fluffy and wants to eat you for lunch?

Polar bear

Environmentalists won a victory this week – they jumped in their RV’s, 4WDs, SUV’s and CUV’s, stepped on planes, plugged in laptops, pressed the flesh, and they won. Yes, they waved their hands in triumph from their their CO2 emitting vehicles over the fact they got the big bad US government to recognise global warming. Ok, not officially.. indirectly. Under ... Read More »