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John Oliver’s right on science – until he’s really wrong!

John Oliver

John Oliver is a British comedian with the immensely popular show, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on HBO and usually available to watch on YouTube. Each week he gets down to the facts behind many diverse subjects that effect Americans. On May 8, 2016, he attacked science in the media and the famous mantra parroted by many TV presenters ... Read More »

Conflicting advice for Gen-Y and Millennials entering the work force

Highs and lows - on a rollercoaster

“Why back in my day, we worked for one company all our life…” Words uttered by many a baby boomer, father or grandfather who shakes their heads at the job-hopping antics of their grandkids, kids or nieces and nephews… Does anyone believe they will work for the same company all their life now? Probably not! Beginning in the 1980s and ever-accelerating, ... Read More »

Rethinking the response to the Middle East

Blue Sky

ISIS. Terrorism. Fanatics. Iraq. War. Oil. Muslim. The above words are all words that are associated with a perceived threat from the developed world about the unrest in the Middle Eastern countries. Terrible atrocities have been committed by people who have an extremist viewpoint of the Western World, and the Western World, led by the U.S.A. has turned around and ... Read More »

Misconceptions about Natural Gas

Mysterious 'Siberian Exploding Hole' (The Siberian Times)

The media in the last year has been full of scary information about methane hydrates (super bad!) and natural gas (the savior with respect to stopping catastrophic warming of the planet). Methane hydrates Lets discuss the ‘bad’ first – methane hydrates. Methane hydrates are white, ice-like solids that consist of methane and water. Methane hydrated can form on the ocean ... Read More »

Part II: Captive Cetaceans – Setting them Free

Whale Watching

Six months ago, I wrote about Captive Cetaceans – should they be set free? This was based on the simplistic arguments the Vision Vancouver Park Board (VVPB) had for suddenly dismantling the Vancouver Aquarium’s cetacean program. My article was based on empathatising with the whales as well as the very mixed and costly results of just setting cetaceans free from ... Read More »

Why is it so hard to trust science today?

It’s getting hard to trust science nowadays. There are all sorts of problems cropping around reporting scientific studies: Scientists are bullying other scientists who don’t tow the line Government and Academic institutions threatening legal and other blocking action if scientists wish to publish something that questions the reigning political point of view on a subject Peer-review of science is breaking ... Read More »

Pollution not just fossil fuels fuelling stronger storms in Asia?

Smog over Beijing, China (NOAA - October 2013)

Scientists recently published a paper in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the Unites States of America. Wang et. al., (2014) claim that increasing levels of pollutants in Asia are intensifying storms in that region. On the surface of it, a cheer might go up from the anti anthropogenic global warming crowd as it’s not exactly burning fossil ... Read More »

Will eating meat cause mid-life cancer?

Do you remember about a month ago, there was a day or two where a study highlighting that middle-aged people who ate protein were at an increased risk for cancer?This of course, probably shot yet another arrow across the already quivering Atkins and Paleo diet eaters as their lifestyle is based on high protein/low carbohydrates. I admit I dismissed this ... Read More »

How serious are Ohio’s fracking induced earthquakes?

Fracking schematic

Ohio today announced tougher permits conditions for drilling near ‘faults and areas of seismic activity.’ I first read this in the Huffington Post who were of course MUCH more sensationalistic in their headline, stating fracking was causing earthquakes in Ohio. Dramatically, they announced that “State geologists in Ohio have for the first time linked earthquake activity in the Marcellus Shale basin ... Read More »

Why are there still global warming skeptics?

The Carbon Cycle

James Lawrence Powell reviewed 2,258 papers on climate science published between November 2012 and December 2013 and said that of all those papers, only one rejected man was the cause of warming on Planet Earth at this time. The science is settled! Or is it? Despite this exhaustive review of papers, there is still a very stubborn contingency of scientists ... Read More »