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Misconceptions about Natural Gas

Mysterious 'Siberian Exploding Hole' (The Siberian Times)

The media in the last year has been full of scary information about methane hydrates (super bad!) and natural gas (the savior with respect to stopping catastrophic warming of the planet). Methane hydrates Lets discuss the ‘bad’ first – methane hydrates. Methane hydrates are white, ice-like solids that consist of methane and water. Methane hydrated can form on the ocean ... Read More »

Is the West Antarctic ice sheet suddenly melting?

West Antarctic Ice sheet

“Ice melt in West Antarctica is unstoppable!” (CNN) “Ice Sheet’s Collapse Triggers Sea Level Warning” (NBC) “Glacial Region’s Melt Past ‘Point of No Return,’ NASA Says” (Bloomberg) “Nothing can stop retreat of West Antarctica ice sheets!” (BBC) Are you scared yet?! Certainly the mainstream media is playing it up! Although I had some questions on this matter, I thought I’d ... Read More »

Pollution not just fossil fuels fuelling stronger storms in Asia?

Smog over Beijing, China (NOAA - October 2013)

Scientists recently published a paper in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the Unites States of America. Wang et. al., (2014) claim that increasing levels of pollutants in Asia are intensifying storms in that region. On the surface of it, a cheer might go up from the anti anthropogenic global warming crowd as it’s not exactly burning fossil ... Read More »

Why are there still global warming skeptics?

The Carbon Cycle

James Lawrence Powell reviewed 2,258 papers on climate science published between November 2012 and December 2013 and said that of all those papers, only one rejected man was the cause of warming on Planet Earth at this time. The science is settled! Or is it? Despite this exhaustive review of papers, there is still a very stubborn contingency of scientists ... Read More »

Let’s be clear – cutting CO2 emissions won’t prevent natural disasters

Typhoon Haiyan, Philippines (NOAA)

Blame Canada’s Carbon Complacency for the Philippine Typhoon …Anyone who thinks that this typhoon is not due to the atmospheric disruption and rising sea levels resulting from our changing climate has their head firmly planted in the comfortable soil of ignorance, ideology or both. And so starts Kevin Grandia, President of Spake Media House, in an article on Huffington Post, ... Read More »

The north pole is melting – or is it?

Melt pond at north pole

Update: Around July 28, 2013, the source of the photo below, The North Pole Environmental Observatory, put out a statement regarding the ‘melting at the north pole.’ They too verify it wasn’t out of the norm and it wasn’t at the north pole. The article below was written on July 26, 2013 – before the NPOE put out their statement. ... Read More »