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Part II: Captive Cetaceans – Setting them Free

Whale Watching

Six months ago, I wrote about Captive Cetaceans – should they be set free? This was based on the simplistic arguments the Vision Vancouver Park Board (VVPB) had for suddenly dismantling the Vancouver Aquarium’s cetacean program. My article was based on empathatising with the whales as well as the very mixed and costly results of just setting cetaceans free from ... Read More »

Captive cetaceans – good or bad?

Beluga whales, Vancouver Aquarium

The Vancouver Aquarium has an image problem right now. Vision Vancouver park board (that is part of the city council of Vancouver) is leading a charge to rid the aquarium of all cetaceans – that would be whales and dolphins to you and me. There is no doubt the timing is politically driven – the aquarium is about to do ... Read More »

Are the peregrine falcons really threatened by rain?

Photo by Kevin Cole, via Wikipedia

Arctic Peregrine Falcon threatened by rising rain fall caused by climate change!” At least, that is what the media implied when it reported on the science in a paper by three scientists from the University of Alberta and Université du Québec. Between three sources I looked at – Science Daily, Edmonton Sun and CBC, a study was conducted over a ... Read More »

Why the irrational hatred for perceived ‘vicious dogs?’

Pit Bull. Just mention the words “Pit Bull” in North America and many people’s lips will curl up with hatred. This particular breed of dog is immediately associated with wild, barely tamed, vicious dogs. And undoubtedly, there have been people and animals attacked by pit bulls. Horribly so. And, there have been people and animals attacked by German Shepherds, Doberman ... Read More »

Are we absolutely sure the oceans are warming faster than ever?

Ocean’s are the hottest they’ve ever been in the last 10,000 years! Or so screamed the headlines, casting yet another death knell on humanity’s relationship with climate. Or so the media would hope! Afterall, the only thing making the planet warm in the last 10,000 years is mankind, right? It’s our annoying habit of burning up all the fossil fuels ... Read More »

A murderous marine mystery off the west Canadian coast…

For the people of Vancouver, British Columbia, the summer of 2013 will probably go down in the history books as one of the nicest summers ever. The temperatures were always mild, and never rose above 30oC, the sky was always blue, the ocean was slightly chilly but sparkled playfully, and the famous Pacific Coastal rains stayed away. But in those ... Read More »

To the Polar Bears: Start dieing!!

Polar bear cartoon

To: Polar Bears From: NGO’s who support Global Climate Change via warming Subject: Start dieing! ——- It has come to our attention in recent months that there have been a couple of surveys which have indicated your numbers are rising. In February 2013, Government of Nunavut has declared your numbers are increasing. We managed to keep this largely out of ... Read More »

What’s white, fluffy and wants to eat you for lunch?

Polar bear

Environmentalists won a victory this week – they jumped in their RV’s, 4WDs, SUV’s and CUV’s, stepped on planes, plugged in laptops, pressed the flesh, and they won. Yes, they waved their hands in triumph from their their CO2 emitting vehicles over the fact they got the big bad US government to recognise global warming. Ok, not officially.. indirectly. Under ... Read More »